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A Moving Experience That’s A Cut Above.

Merchants Moving is a premium moving service dedicated to delivering its customers a higher level of care.

In an industry where the routine practice is for big moving companies to subcontract the actual move to local owner-operators, Merchants is different.

We own, operate and maintain all our equipment. Every mover is a direct Merchants employee. Which means we maintain control over every aspect of the moving experience.

Since 1922, we’ve been packing and moving people’s dearest belongings.

There was the classical musician with 3,000 vinyl records and seven keyboard instruments, from clavichords to a baby grand. The big game hunter’s prize trophy heads (we wrapped them individually in plastic). One mover remembers packing the 30,000 comic books an avid collector spent a lifetime accumulating.

We also know that an unassuming little end table may be a cherished reminder of a beloved grandmother.

Whatever you have to move, wherever you are moving we want you to rest easy — your precious belongings will be in strong, safe hands.


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