Our People Are Our Strength.

Being a great mover takes more than big muscles.

We understand that transplanting your household can be stressful undertaking. Putting clients at ease that their precious belongings will be in safe hands is as much a part of the job as loading the boxes onto the truck.

Because every mover is a direct employee, Merchants controls who will be handling your belongings. And every Merchants employee who crosses your threshold is bonded and insured.

Before hiring, our people are thoroughly evaluated and undergo an extensive background check. Once they join our team, we send every mover to our in-house Merchants University — a hands-on training program developed for us by education professionals. Our unique on-site instruction facility simulates a typical home where our trainees are schooled the proper handling, packing and loading of household items from fragile crystal and antiques to high-end electronics and appliances.

When Merchants Moving shows up at your door, we come prepared.

A Family Operation.

Merchants president Jennifer Eastman — great-granddaughter of Merchants founder E.W. Eastman — came to the family business in 1996 after a career in corporate America, becoming president in 2014.

At Merchants, Jenny found a true work family — people willing to go the extra mile for a leader who has their back.

In fact, it’s not unusual to find a Merchants employee who started as a mover part-time during college and decided to stick with the job even after earning a degree. As one Merchants succinctly mover puts it, “I like being a mover.”

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