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Safeguarding our Customers and Their Belongings

Ensuring the safety of your person and your belongings are top priorities for Merchants. And we ensure that safety through the closely monitored accountability of our people.

First, comes the safety of your household.

It is an unfortunate reality in our industry that moving companies commonly “job out” the actual packing and moving to a local subcontractor. This means most other moving companies can’t really vouch for the people they are sending into your home.

Merchants takes a different approach entirely. Every Merchants mover is a direct employee, so we know exactly who is in your home.

We hold our people to the highest professional standards. Our movers undergo a thorough vetting that includes drug screening and a criminal background check.

Our people are bonded and sign a confidentiality agreement, so your high-value possessions will never become the subject of gossip that might reach the ears of someone with bad intentions.

Onsite, our movers are trained in the proper care and handling of your belongings. They know best techniques for preparing your home’s interior with mats and padding to protect floors, walls banisters, etc. from inadvertent damage.

Once your goods are packed and on the road, GPS tracking monitors their location every moment they are out of your hands. And our people check in constantly, allowing us to trace their progress via follow-ups and task reminders generated through our enterprise software.

Our vehicles are maintained by our own mechanics in our own facilities and are subject to routine and thorough inspection. Because of this, the likelihood of delays due to an overlooked mechanical problem are kept to an absolute minimum.

Finally, in addition to GPS tracking, every one of our vehicles is equipped with on-board event recording — the equivalent of an airliner’s “black box” — which enables us to monitor each driver’s adherence to speed limits and other safe driving practices. This ensures the safety not only of your belongings, but of every motorist we share the road with.

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