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Comprehensive Services — How We Can Pitch In?

Prominent on that long list of moving to-do’s are innumerable tasks for which you have neither the time, training nor inclination to perform for yourself — services most moving companies don’t consider part of their job. That’s where Merchants can step in and save the day. Listed below are a few of the moving services Merchants can provide.

  • Custom Packing/Unpacking & Put-away Services. Every fork, spoon, coffee cup, bath towel and knick-knack in its proper place.
  • Maid Service. At either or both ends of the move, we can arrange a thorough cleaning and general tidying-up once our work is finished.
  • Safes & Gun Safes. Leave the heavy lifting to us! Some movers won’t touch these; for Merchants, it’s all in a day’s work.
  • Wine Transport. You’ve spent years amassing your collection. We’ll transport your vintages in light- and climate-controlled conditions that protect your investment.
  • Pet Transport. Everybody’s favorite member of the family will travel in safety, style and comfort.
  • Appliances. We’ll disconnect, move and reconnect at your destination. We can replace worn cords and stainless steel flex hoses. We’ll even cap water and gas lines.
  • Large Flatscreen/Plasma TVs. We’ll box and move. We’ll even crate and uncrate in the case of very large sets.
  • Piano Service. We’ll disassemble and lock hammers for shipping, then reassemble in good order upon arrival.
  • Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans. We’ll remove, cap the wires and reinstall in your new home. (There’s a slight surcharge for extra-high ceilings over 9 feet.)
  • Clocks. We’ll dismantle and prepare for transit, then reassemble and set beat at the destination.
  • Crating and Uncrating. Built to order; charges include crate removal.
  • Pool Tables. We’ll disassemble/assemble as well as crate/uncrate slates.
  • Water Softeners & Hot Tubs.
  • Playground Equipment.
  • Exercise Equipment.
  • Post-move Carton and Packing Debris Pick-up.
  • Long- and Short-term Storage.

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