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Move Management — Leveraging the Power of Technology

Enterprise technologies such as CRM software allow Merchants to track in real time every aspect of a move in progress. Using automated task checklists, employees receive promptings for every task and sign off as each task is completed — all reported in real time to our Racine headquarters from anywhere in the field.

Technology also allows us to hold our crews accountable for safe and responsible operation at all times.

Technology similar to an airliner’s “black box” is part of every vehicle’s standard equipment, allowing us to download a record of how our drivers conduct themselves in the field, holding every driver to task for safe and responsible operation within the legal speed limit.

The location of every vehicle is monitored via GPS, so we can pinpoint in real time every vehicle’s location. When customers opt for VIP 5-Star option, the same GPS technology allows customers to monitor the progress of their own moves.

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