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We’re People Movers.

Moving is a sensitive time. You’re about to uproot your household and transplant everything that is most precious to you. What you’re feeling is a heady mix of giddy anticipation and fretful worry.

At Merchants, we understand that we’re not just moving stuff — we’re moving lives. Something that requires both a strong back and a tender touch.

It’s a big responsibility you’re placing in our hands. Our job is to take the worry out of your hands. You need an industry leader who can take the stress out of residential moving to handle your relocation. Someone you can count on for a damage-free move.

The service we deliver is personalized.

With rare exceptions, the same crew that packs and loads your possessions at one end of the move will be unloading your belongings at the destination end.

You’ll be assigned a professional move coordinator, who’ll guide you through the process from beginning to end.

The process starts with an in-home walk-through and estimate. Room by room, we’ll determine the size and weight of your shipment and evaluate your packing needs. Does anything need to be crated? Are there items you prefer to pack yourself? Are there any items of sentimental value that require particular attention?

We’ll schedule specific dates for packing/loading and delivery/unloading. The afternoon before your scheduled pickup or delivery date, the Keyman in charge of your move will call you to confirm their arrival time for the following day.

On moving day, your movers will arrive on time and in uniform.

Stairs, entryways and high-traffic areas — hard surfaces as well as carpeted areas — will be covered to avoid tracking in dirt. Banisters and wall corners will be padded to prevent nicks and scrapes. We choose appropriate cartons and packing materials to furnish the maximum protection in the most cost-efficient way. And packing is carried out room to room, so unloading at the destination will be efficient and organized.

How do customers feel about the experience? Once the move is over, it’s not uncommon for parents to send us their kids’ crayon drawings of our Big Red Truck. Because moving day is part of your family’s story, and we are dedicated to making it a happy chapter.

When it comes to moving your household, we put our hearts into it.


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