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Arrival and Unpacking — Home at Last!

Whenever possible, the same crew that packed your belongings will be responsible for delivery at your new home.

Prior to delivery, your Keyman will be in touch to confirm our scheduled arrival time.

We unload room-to-room, so your kitchen boxes will be in the kitchen, your bathroom boxes in the bathroom and the kids’ boxes in whatever rooms they’ve finally settled on.

We lay out rugs and arrange furniture as you request. And we’ll reassemble beds and any other large items that needed to be disassembled prior to moving.

We can arrange for additional supplementary services. We offer full unpacking and put-way services — a real boon when you already have your hands full settling into your new home and community. For that finishing touch, we can even arrange maid service to vacuum, sweep and tidy up — leaving your new house spotless and without a trace of all the recent energetic activity.

And, if you choose to do your own unpacking, once you’re finished, give us a call — we’ll arrange to pick up and cart away your empty moving boxes.

Next Step: Contact us for a complete list of services and pricing at 262.631.5680 or reach out electronically through our online form.