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Accidents Happen — We’ll Make it Right.

It is our responsibility to ensure your belongings arrive at their destination safe and sound — a responsibility we take extremely seriously. Unfortunately, mishaps sometimes occur.

If you suffer damage to your belongings or property in the course of your move, we want to make sure your claim is handled promptly and fairly with as little paperwork as possible.

Goods entrusted to our care are protected in one of two ways. There is a limited liability valuation included with the move, at no charge, which is 60¢ per pound per article. The full valuation coverage is our Replacement Cost Protection Plan, if you purchased that as part of your move it ensures that if any of your possessions are scratched or broken, we’ll repair or replace them — good as new.

If you need to report a loss or damage, please get in touch with our claims specialist at 262-631-5680 or email claims@merchants-moving.com. Please note that vehicle damage must be reported at the time of delivery, and property damage (internal or external) must be reported within 24 hours. Federal regulations state that you have 9 months from the date of delivery to file a claim for your household goods (unless your relocation contract with your employer has other rules regarding, please check with your move coordinator if you have questions).

The rights and responsibilities of interstate carriers and their customers are governed under the authority of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the federal government’s lead agency responsible for regulating and providing safety oversight of commercial motor vehicles. The FMCSA offers a detailed online publication explaining the Rights & Responsibilities for consumers.

It is also important to understand the Terms and Conditions of your move, which can be found on the backside of your Bill of Lading — feel free to contact your move coordinator for a copy.

Do you need to file a claim? Download the Claim Instructions and Claim Form below to get started.

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