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Moving Day

At last, the big day arrives, and your Merchants team swings into action.

One day prior to your move, the Keyman in charge of your crew will notify you of our expected arrival time. The following day, we arrive on time, in uniform and ready to go to work.

The first thing you’ll see is your crew preparing your residence for the rigors of moving day.

We literally roll out the red carpet — protective mats to spare your carpets and floors from dirt and damage. We pad banisters and protruding wall corners that might be vulnerable to dings.

Then we pack, in an orderly fashion, room by room so that we can unload room by room in your new residence. We thoroughly train our packers in the art and science of matching the right packaging to the right household goods.

Then, it’s onto the truck.

As one of our movers likes to say, “When they see us roll out the red carpet, they know everything is going to be okay.”

And he’s right. We’ve got this. Go shopping. Take the kids to the park. And rest easy that you’ve put the job in dependable hands.


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