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The moving process begins long before our professional movers arrive at your door. To ensure your move runs like clockwork, Merchants recommends the following steps in the weeks before moving day.

4 to 6 Weeks Before Move

  • Discuss with Merchants the full particulars about your company’s policy, accessorial services (crating, packing, storage, etc.), delivery requirements and information about carrier liability
  • Understand the limited liability for loss and damage, and the availability of added value protection
  • Send change of address cards to publications, friends, businesses, etc.
  • Notify post office of new address and date it will be effective
  • Transfer medical and dental records
  • Contact schools and advise them of your move
  • Notify attorney, clergy and insurance agents
  • Close out local charge accounts
  • Notify utilities of cut-off date (do not discontinue phone service until after your move date)

2 Weeks Before Move

  • Pick up any items at cleaners and repair shops
  • Notify Merchants of any changes in the amount of household goods to be shipped, or changes in dates

1 Week Before Move

  • Empty fuel tanks in lawn mower and/or snowblower and dispose of any flammables such as paint, turpentine and charcoal lighter fluid
  • Arrange to stop newspaper delivery
  • Close out bank accounts and arrange to have funds transferred to your new bank
  • Remove valuables from safety deposit box and store them in a strong box to take with you

1 Day Before Move

  • Clean out refrigerator and leave doors open so it can dry
  • Pack luggage
  • Set aside airline tickets, keys and other small valuable items that you will take with you
  • Clearly mark items not to be loaded

Moving Day

  • Check over inventory with Keyman (the lead mover on your job)
  • Give your Keyman a list of the items not to be packed, and point them out to him during the initial walk-through
  • Leave your forwarding address with the new owners
  • Discuss your delivery requirements with Merchants
  • Advise Merchants where you or your representative can be reached at the final destination
  • Advise driver of specific directions for locating your new residence
  • Reconfirm with the driver the expected delivery date or dates
  • Check closets, attic, garage and yard to see that Merchants has loaded everything intended to go

Delivery Day

  • Plan to be on hand at delivery for the check-off process and to answer questions and give directions for furniture placement, or arrange for someone to represent you

If you have any questions or concerns at any stage of your move, just give Merchants Moving & Storage Company a call at 262-631-5680.

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