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TaskMasters – No Task is too Great

Taskmasters at Merchants Moving & Storage are specialists in their own right — highly trained, well-equipped and ready to face any challenge during your move.

Taskmasters will prepare your difficult-to-manage belongings for a safe journey and carefully unpack and reinstall everything in perfect order at the destination end of the voyage. They know how to ready, pack and reinstall everything from your delicate but ungainly lighting fixtures, to unwieldy pool tables, to your home office and family entertainment centers filled with fragile electronics and complex arrays of cords and cables.

Taskmasters gladly takes all the tedious, time-consuming and seemingly-impossible to-do’s off your hands into our charge.

Such as? Here’s a brief run-down of typical services and belongings we are adept at handling:

  • Crating artwork/antiques etc.
  • Disconnection/connection of appliances — washers, dryers, icemakers
  • Capping gas & water lines
  • Electric prong conversions
  • Plasma/flat screen TV mounting or dismounting
  • Light fixtures/ceiling fans
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Pool tables
  • Playground equipment
  • Exercise equipment

For a complete list of Taskmaster services and pricing, drop us a line. https://www.merchants-moving.com/about-merchants/contact-us/
Or call us at: 262-631-5680.


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