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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I call Merchants?

During our seasonal peak — May through September — we recommend contacting us 30 to 60 days in advance of your planned move. The rest of the year, 3 to 4 weeks ahead is adequate notice.

Do I need a written estimate?

Yes. A Merchants representative will conduct a pre-move survey of the goods to be moved. From the information we gather on the survey, we will provide a written estimate detailing the costs of your move. Without an on-site survey, it is very difficult for us to accurately estimate the cost of your move.

What valuation coverage do I have?

The limited liability valuation included with the move, at no charge, is 60¢ per pound per article. However, full valuation coverage can be purchased at an additional cost which varies upon the amount of coverage you request and the deductible option you select. On moving day, you will be asked to sign for the coverage you desire. If your move is an Intra-state move, there may be special regulations in place, check with your move coordinator for details.

Can I do some of my own packing?

Yes. You can pack some or all of your items. Using proper packing materials and technique is critical to the safe transportation of your goods. Check out our Moving Planner page for a downloadable, printable packing guide. However, your coverage is very limited when you pack your own items, so you may want to pack non-breakables and allow Merchants professionals to pack your breakables and most prized possessions.

What will the movers NOT take?

There are several items that we cannot take. Those items include combustibles, corrosives, currency, pets and perishable foods. Check out our Moving Planner page for our downloadable, printable “Must-Know Info” sheet. If you have a question about a specific item, please contact us.

Can I take houseplants?

No, Merchants cannot be responsible for your plants. They may be exposed to temperature changes as well as a lack of water and light. If possible, you may want to transport the plants yourself or give them to a family member or friend. Certain states will not allow plants to enter and others have restrictions on plants entering the state.

How do I pay for the move?

You may choose from the following options: cash, credit card (MasterCard or Visa) certified check or money order. Personal checks are not accepted. Payment is needed before the truck is unloaded at the destination.

How long will my move take?

After a pre-move survey is conducted, we will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of charges and the time it will take to complete the move.

What happens when the movers show up?

On moving day, the “key man” (person in charge of your move) will conduct a walk-through with you and discuss the move with you. Prior to the move, your home will be prepared so as to protect vulnerable wall and floor areas against damage and keep your home as clean as possible. Ceramic and hardwood floors will be covered with cardboard. The carpeted areas will be covered with cloth runners.

Do I give the movers a tip?

A tip is not required and there are no guidelines for tipping. This is totally up to your discretion. If you believe it is appropriate, the movers do appreciate it.

Do I need to be there the whole time?

Yes. You or a designated representative should be at your residence during the entire move process. The movers may have questions and will do a final walk-through of the residence with you or a designated representative. You will also need to be at the destination residence, not only to direct the movers for placement of furniture and goods, but also perform the check-off process for your shipment.

How do I prepare my appliances for the move?

All appliances that are to be moved must be disconnected. You can disconnect them yourself or, for a charge, we can perform those services ourselves, or arrange a third party company to disconnect them.

Can you store my household goods?

Yes. Merchants has over 65,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage available. Short-term or long-term, your household goods will be safe and secure and ready to be delivered when you are ready.

Can you ship my car or truck?

Yes. We can ship your automobile, truck or SUV in the same van and at the same time as your household goods. If your household goods shipment fills the van, we will arrange for the safe shipment of your vehicle.

I have some items already boxed from a previous move. Do you have to repack them?

In most cases, we will check the previously packed boxes to make sure they are properly packed for transport and only repack those that need it.

How do I prepare my lawn mower, snow thrower, blower, etc., for the move?

You will need to remove the fuel. If these items are going to be stored or not used for a while, refer to the owner’s manual on how to properly service them.

Can you take my propane BBQ tank?

Yes, but it will need to be purged of any remaining gas. A certified propane service can perform this service for you.

Will other shipments be on the truck with my household goods?

Possibly. This is determined by the amount of household goods you are shipping, as well as the origin and destination. We will know after the pre-move survey is completed and prior to scheduling your move if you will have exclusive use of the van. If your shipment does not fill the van, exclusive use is available for a charge.

Do you reassemble any items that have been taken apart for moving?

Yes. All the items disassembled by Merchants Moving & Storage will be reassembled at your new home.

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