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Handy Moving Tips From the Pros (That’s Us)

Just a few helpful suggestions and insider tips for a successful move.


Empty completely, leave unplugged and the doors open for 24 hours prior to loading. This is also a great time for thorough cleaning.


If you have the original containers, have them available for the movers when they arrive. Also, disconnect and mark all the wires to make it easier to reconnect them at your new home. Pro-tip: take a photo of the backside of your electronics and how things are connected – that way you have a handy guide to refer to at your new home!

Antiques/High Value Items

We recommend having all your high value items professionally appraised prior to moving. Items with a value of $100 per pound or more are considered “high value.” High value items should be listed on the “High Value Inventory” form to ensure proper coverage, contact your move coordinator for details.

Press Board Furniture

Typically this assembled furniture is not designed to be moved without being disassembled. We recommend you either not move this furniture or arrange to have the items disassembled and reassembled.

Looking for more? Check out our Moving Planner or Moving FAQs.

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