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VIP 5-Star Service — The White-Glove Treatment

Our red-ribbon, best-of-class moving service. While every Merchants move is a cut above the ordinary, when you opt for Merchants VIP 5-Star service, moving day becomes your day to get pampered.

First, we automatically lock in your preferred dates. You’ll receive a bio of the Keyman we’ve assigned to manage your move. If your household includes kids, each of them will receive a special box they can decorate to keep their prized possessions safe. They’ll even receive special stickers they can use to identify all of their boxes.

When our movers have completed their labors, they will set to work with vacuum and broom, leaving only neatness and order in their wake.

You can log in and view the location of your truck via GPS — for kids, it’s like tracking Santa’s flightpath.

Upon arrival, the famous Merchants Red Ribbon box is our housewarming gift to you, containing all you need to survive those initial days in a new home with your worldly goods still in boxes. Paper plates and plastic cutlery. Trash bags. A measuring tape and picture hangers. And, most important of all, a box cutter.

While others fret and fuss over moving, your moving day will be as relaxing as a week at the spa. Well, almost.

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